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I use children haircare products! There, just wanted to get that little snippet out there. I had previously written a review for Taliah Waajid products. The protective hairstyle I went for was mini two strand twists that lasted about two weeks. I randomly decided at around 1 a.m. on a Saturday to take my twists down. Why I choose so late the night before church I don’t know. But praise the Lord, because my hair was rather delightful the next morning if I do say so myself. I did not detangle my hair, but I put them into bigger twists as I went through unraveling the mini twists. I did this to prevent severe tangling the next day. It turned out very well and I ended up detangling my hair later that day. I decided to try some of the Taliah Waajid products that I had left over.
Y’all. The revelation that transpired was pure magic. Black girl curly magic to be exact.

Children’ Hair Care Products

Since I was going to detangle day old unraveled twists, I wanted to use something that would detangle and not tear and pull at my hair. I use the Taliah Waajid detangler that I already had. But I also used the Easy Herbal Comb-Out for children and the Soft & Curly for children. These products were life. I went out and proceeded to buy a bottle of Easy Herbal Comb-Out and the Soft & Curly. That’s how great they were to my hair.

Easy Herbal Comb-Out

This was one of the best detanglers I have ever used. I applied this product then applied my normal Taliah Waajid detangler as well. Honestly, I could have went without the second detangler because this herbal comb-out was so smooth on my hair. I didn’t have to fuss with my curls at all, the comb went straight through.

Soft & Curly

This most definitely gave me the soft and curly curls that it promised to do. I was a little bit skeptical at first because the product was not a cream like I expected it to be. It was more of a clear gel type of product. But none the less, it felt very soft and light on my hair. It wasn’t greasy and did not leave that residue that a lot of gels tend to do.

I have not used all of the products that I received yet, but I can already tell that I will love them all. I plan to use them at some point in time and of course share it with you all. Thank you for tuning in once again, I promise I will stay on top of things more often. Until then, stay blessed:)

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