First week of college

My first week back to college as a  SENIOR was this week. The first week started out good but ended a little rough. I started working so please forgive me for not keeping up with my usual posts but life got a hold of me. I plan to do better with my planning just bear with me.

In addition to that, I had my scheduled fellowship time with my dear sisters in Christ, Keona and Delaina. I seriously needed that time together with friends, it made the end to my week better and less stressful. With everything going on, I wanted to bring up more key college tips to help you all get through your college journey.

College Tips

  1. Morning or afternoon
    Don’t stress yourself out. If you are a freshman then you may feel like you can get through college easily because you had class 5 days a week at 8 am in addition to extracurricular activities when you were in high school. It most definitely is not the same in any way. I am not sure what it is about an 8 a.m. high school class and an 8 a.m. college course that causes them to differ so greatly. But they are in no way the same. Some people are morning people and love early classes to get them out-of-the-way, some people aren’t. Don’t try to be one if you are the other.
  2. If you don’t have to work, then don’t
    If you have a support system back home that will help pay for your college, utilize them. Take as much help as you are offered while in college. Just because you are considered an adult doesn’t mean you have to fully grow up and try to take on tons of responsibility. Is college is expensive? Yes, it is and a lot of us do have to work to afford it among other things. But don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take that extra time that you have to relax and study in order to maintain your grades.
  3. Relax
    That may not sound that important with the semester just beginning. But by the beginning or middle of October around midterm week, you will be severely stressed out. It is inevitable. Find things that you like to do and make sure you continue to do them even now at the beginning of the semester. It could be reading, drawing, exercising, taking naps, watching TV, cooking, playing video games, Bible journaling, etc. Whatever it may be, find your thing and make time to do it. Getting overwhelmed can happen so easily so make time to rest and relax. It can go a long way throughout the semester.
    This is the most important one. Take your time to enjoy college. Utilize the resources that your college offers if you are having a tough time with the transition from high school to college. My university offers many options as far as our wellness center, therapists, relaxation time. Take advantage if you need to. N one will judge you for doing so. The ultimate way to make it through college is to take care of yourself. Your emotional and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health is. Try not to let any of them slip away from you.

Saturday Fun Day

When I hang out with my friends, we each usually cook something to bring to each others house and make one big meal together. This week I made a crock pot peach cobbler that I found off of Pinterest which I have connected so you can go see the exact one use. I love Pinterest, but it can be highly misleading at times. I find these amazing recipes and try them out, and yet my food is so ugly-looking compared to the pictures, it never fails. The peach cobbler was ugly, but it was delicious. I will admit a mistake that I made while making this recipe. I assumed that you actually make the cake mix recipe with eggs, oil, etc. This particular recipe says to pour the dry cake mix over the peaches and let it cook that way with sliced butter on top of that. That could be the reason for why mine looks the way it does. But it was still delicious regardless.

Try to do something like this. Get together with a group of friends, and each of you make one thing or even buy food and bring it. Together you can make a  huge meal and have a great time together. The pictures above show our meal for this weekend, fried pork chops made by Delaina, baked potatoes and green beans made by Keona, and peach cobbler and salad by myself. It was a great time together in addition to great food. Net time, I will be discussing college in Angola versus colleges here in the United States. Until next time, God Bless:)


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