Good Food

Good food is the cure all. When I am with friends, our hangout sessions usually consist of food, talking, more food usually snacks, and Netflix watching. Our menus are always varying. One week it was vegetarian lasagna (pictured above), garlic bread, and salad. The lasagna was delicious, a new taste for sure, but still delicious. Another week it was gumbo, fried rice, and salad. But the gumbo was so good, the salad never made it out of the fridge. Do you have to take it to this extreme? Of course not, many times we cook dinner and still go out and buy snacks to munch on throughout the night. One weekend we ran to Kroger at 3 a.m. so we could make bologna sandwiches. True story.


This past weekend involved a romantic movie marathon , breakfast for dinner, good friendships and good foodcozy pajamas, and nail painting. I made an apple french toast casserole. The recipe can be found here. The apples did not turn out to be a soft consistency but rather too mushy or not cooked at all. However, the bread tasted like cinnamon rolls and was the best part. I also got to try eggplant for the first time. It was purely disgusting, just to throw that fact out there. So take to Pinterest, learn a new recipe, or throw together a couple of bologna sandwiches and have fun.

Good friends

You have the good food, now time to find the right friends. Good friendships are sometimes the only way you can make it through the stress of this journey we call life. The semester is halfway over and it seems to always get harder and harder to make it through that final stretch. This is the time to start taking care of yourself by pampering yourself, eating a more balanced diet, and enjoying the company of others. Find friends that will have study sessions when you have 2 papers and a project due at the same time. Find friends that annoy you when they remind you to do your homework. Look for those friends who you can share your struggles with and they are willing to pray for you right then and there.

Get those friends that push you to finish your inspiration board that has been sitting in the same spot for over a month. I said all that to say this, find good friends. It is not always about going out to go drink and staying out till 3 a.m. Sometimes, especially in college you need that relaxation. You need to be with friends that you can open up to and share with. Whether that be sharing details about yourself or about your past, it does not matter. You need that time with friends to be perfectly weird and yourself. That is all for now. Next time I will share my Bible journaling journey and how my inspiration board turned out. God Bless:)

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