I love body butter:)

I really, really do. Body butter is like thick lotion that smells just as good and can keep you moisturized all day long. So over the years, I have tried making my own lotions and body butters. My main motivation was pure boredom and ideas I found scrolling through Pinterest. I have even made lotions and lip balm for my mom and her sisters, and they loved it. So this post is dedicated to them and making recipes that I know or hope they all will love.

Research Time: Why mango butter?

I have never tried mango butter a day in my life. Sorry to experiment on you guys. I know what butters work for me, usually cocoa butter and shea butter, and I wanted to try something new.

What is the difference between the butters?

Shea Butter: It is very rich in vitamin A and is super thick, so it is great to use during the winter months as a great moisturizer. Depending on which kind of shea butter you use, the natural or refined, it can have a very strong scent that isn’t the best smell around.
Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is very rich and has a sweet cocoa aroma, depending on which kind used. It is very healing to the skin and fading skin blemishes. However, it is not as thick as shea butter naturally is.
Mango Butter: Through research I found that mango butter is filled with lots of vitamins and helps to protect and sooth cracked and damaged skin.

My Mango Butter Recipe

Since I am going to be using mango butter for the first time, I decided to also incorporate essential oils that I have never used before. After a little bit of research on my essential oils, I decided to go with orange essential oil and lemongrass essential oil. The two reasons I chose orange essential oil were that it can act as an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic to disinfect wounds. Lemon grass can be used as an anti-inflammatory as well and reduce bodily aches and pains. I used grape seed oil as a carrier oil because it has a light and thin consistency, and is one of my favorite oils to use for both my hair and skin.
Also, I made up this recipe…last night…after watching a bunch of YouTube videos. So, yeah. Let’s get started!!

1/2 cup mango butter
1/4 cup grape seed oil
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
5 drops lemon grass essential oil
10 drops orange essential oil

1. Warm the mango butter up in a microwaveable mixing bowl for 20 seconds. While the oil is still a liquid, add the remainder of your ingredients and mix gently with a spoon.
2. Pop it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
3. Remove from the freezer and whip it with a mixer until you reach the consistency that you desire. I did so for only about a minute, and this recipe made about 8 oz.

Voila! You have your orange lemongrass mango body butter(that’s quite a mouthful).


  • With this being my first time, I made a small amount to see how it would turn out
  • Mango butter is grainy so warming it up is the best way to remove the tiny grains
  • The amount of essential oils I used was a bit much for such a small recipe and could be overwhelming for those with a sensitive nose and skin, so add the drops slowly and see what works for you

It is quite a simple recipe, so please comment and tell me about your own recipes and don’t forget to subscribe. Have a blessed day:)

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  1. This is so awesome! Thank you so much for the Lavender Eucalyptus Mango Body Butter! It smells and feels amazing… in going to have to buys some for my mom for Christmas!!

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