Pamper yourself

Never feel bad for taking time out of your busy schedule to spoil yourself. You need it. If you work, you need it. If you are in school, you need it. For those out there just breathing, you need it. Now don’t take this post as you should take 3 out of the 7 days of the week and relax your life away. No. You better be reading that Bible and meditating if that’s the case. Which you should do anyways. What I mean is take a day or even a few hours out of the day and dedicate them to yourself.

What does it mean to pamper yourself?

Well that is completely up to you. Some people relax by lazing around all day and eating junk food. Others like to sweat it out at the gym. Personally I used to like to sleep on the couch surrounded by empty candy wrappers with it's okay to pamper yourselfNetflix playing in the background. That used to be my personal getaway. But I have finally realized that sweets all the time are not good at all. Yes, that’s common sense. But I have always been a stress eater when it came to sweets. Sweets when I’m happy, when I’m sad. Y’all I just be out here eating sweets if I’m breathing. So I decided to do away with the sweets this time and truly pamper myself. I was still on my couch though. This time, I did my eyebrows, washed my hair, did a natural facial, and painted my nails. It was a wonderful spa day in the luxury of my own home. Throughout this process I caved and used some of my shea butter creams that I made. You can purchase them on Ebay and read about them on one of my previous posts, Coming Soon: Body Butter.

How was it?

It was all delightful. I have never done a facial before, so I did a little bit of research to see if I could make one with ingredients that I already had. I found a lot of recipes that had honey and coconut oil inside them. So I went for that recipe. I decided to forego the essential oils just for fear that it would irritate my skin since this was my first time doing a facial. I have no idea how much I used, but I used a ratio of about 2:1 with more honey than coconut oil. Be sure to wear an old t-shirt because the coconut oil will melt and drip from the warmth of your face. I left it on for around 40 minutes then washed it off with warm water. MY FACE WAS SO SOFT. It was magical.

After all of that I decided to do my nails afterwards so that it wouldn’t chip in the process. I rarely do my nails because I have to wash my hands constantly at my job. I went out and purchased miracle gel polish by Sally Hanson so that it would hold up against the constant washes. They held up fairly well. The tips started chipping off around Wednesday, so it was almost a week. That sucks, but that gives me even more of a reason to pamper myself every weekend. This all was summed up in the end with my daily meditation and Bible reading. I don’t know, it’s something about reading my Bible with freshly painted nails that just added extra relaxation to my night.

Make the time

Takeaway message? Make the time.  Listen carefully. Taking the time for something and making the time for it are two very different things. I take time out of my day to do homework and 40% of the time  I will take a nap. I didn’t plan to take a nap of course, I took the time to gather all of my school materials all around me. But in that process, I get sleepy and usually fall asleep on top of my textbooks. It is because I took the time to gather up my textbooks and notebooks but I did not make it a priority or make it important enough at the time. You have to make the time to pamper yourself. Grab your Bible, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, and relax. Until next time, stay blessed:)

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