Like mother, like daughter.

I am my mother. This is the revelation that transpired before me last week. I am my mother. Like the exact replica of this woman. Have you ever done something then had to stop and realize that you did the exact thing your mother or father would do? Yep. That was me. That has happened to me multiple times in life. Most recently, it happened last week as I attempted to make fried green tomatoes. But I will get to that in a minute.

My Revelation

The definition for revelation is listed below so it could be understood exactly how I felt. The definition states that a revelation is:

  1. a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
  2. an act of revealing or communicating divine truth.

That first definition resonated with me so much. My family and friends know that my mother and I can be quite the dramatic pair with an extra side of like mother like daughtersarcasm and sass. I was 90% sure I was having a mid-life crisis and I aged a good 20 years. Understand, I wasn’t always this way. From the minute I was born, I was a daddy’s girl. You could not tell me nothing, and you honestly still can’t to this day. I’m working on it though. Still my dad’s princess to this day just to clarify. My mom was always the one who had to be stern with me. I had no choice but to run back to my dad with the puppy dog eyes. All was then forgiven. I cannot tell you where the transformation occurred exactly, but it did.

Anyone who know my mother, knows that she likes to experiment in the kitchen. Now does her experiments ever turn out well? Eh, rarely. She decided to put paprika into the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving one year. We had bright red mashed potatoes to feast on that evening. There was also the time she decided to make a peppermint cake out of actual peppermints. Why does she do these things, who knows. But I am exactly like her. I realized that once and for all when I was in the process of making fried green tomatoes. Y’all I don’t even like regular red tomatoes. So I don’t know why I let Pinterest hype me up like that. And in that moment as I was attempting to make the tomatoes I just had to stand there and realize that I was slowly but surely becoming my mommy.

So what now?

Nothing at all. I am the exact replica of my mommy and I couldn’t be more proud. Still a daddy’s girl at heart, and nothing will change that. But me and my mother with our matching lipstick and poppin’ afros are twins and nothing will change that either. Thank you all for tuning in once again. Subscribe and comment on any revelations you have had lately. Friday has now become my  regular fellowship time with my dear sisters in Christ. So come back and see which recipes we have decided to try this time. Until then, God Bless:)


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  1. I realized a long time ago I was like my mom too. It’s a scary feeling because we fight to be our own person not know that some of it is just genetic. Like how much we ALL look alike, and how we sound alike, and of course our shape. It’s a proud moment to realize that you are like to person you have looked up too for so long. Especially when it’s your Mommy!!! Love you cousin keep up the good work💜

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