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Hair Routine

That top picture is exactly how I look at my hair products every time I get ready to do my hair. I look at the products then back at my hair then the products, and then my hair once again. I send up a quick prayer that God allows me to wake up with a bomb twist out in the morning. My morning is then slightly ruined as I wake up to a twist out that looks like I let a 3-year-old do my hair. So what now?

Before, I would have went for a pinned up-do or slicked back afro so nobody realizes what had transpired earlier that morning. But now? I fluff my hair, shake it, put a headband or hair clip in it for extra bomb-ness, and let my curly tresses flow freely.

Stop trying to train your natural hair

Do I mean to completely do away with your hair care regimen? Of course not. Natural hair demands attention, love, care, and devotion. What I mean is to not try to force your hair to be something that it is not. Do not force your kinky 4C hair to become 3A hair if it cannot tolerate it just so you feel comfortable around others. You better rock that shrinkage with your head held high for all the world to see.

I honestly do not know what the turning point was for me. My go to styles always including me pinning the front of my hair back because I felt like it looked so wild and careless. I still do so, but not as much. Maybe it is because I am a senior in college, not for sure. All I know is my fluff and go’s are marvelous and can’t nobody tell me otherwise.

Hair Care Regimen

I have been natural since October 2014, so going on three years. That first year, I was so in love with my teenie weenie afro. Seriously, you could not tell me nothing about my afro. I knew for a fact I was popping. But when I had decided to go natural back then, I had no plan in sight. I went natural because I was having severe breakage in my hair, so I went ahead with the big chop.

It took me 3 years to finally get a hair care regimen. I know, how terrible of me. But I had never been natural before, so I did not know what to expect. I was on Pinterest day and night saving natural hair styles and products to use. I was on YouTube constantly following these natural hair gurus that had gorgeous hair that I aspired to have someday. It has taken me 3 years to realize that I am not like everyone else, and everyone else is not like me.

Everything that is considered taboo in the natural hair world is exactly what has caused my hair to thrive. Greasing your scalp is considered about the worst thing in the natural hair world because it doesn’t allow moisture to get in. I recently started greasing my scalp and I wake up every morning with my hair feeling mighty delicious. My hair hates coconut oil. Coconut oil was the best thing in the world according to every natural girlie out there. But it did nothing but sit on top of my hair. The sad part is I tried to force my hair to love coconut oil for quite a while and it was not working.

Takeaway Message

natural hairI could go on for days and days about natural hair. I love it so much. But the main point is to do you at the end of the day. If coconut oil works for you, great. If not, then move on and try something new you never know what can work until you try. Nobody but you can tell you what works for your hair, natural or not. Walk tall and wear your crown on your natural tresses proudly.


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  1. OMG girl, you spoke my mind! I’ve been natural for over a year but the struggle is real. I end up just chopping it off when I can’t deal with it.

    1. I have been natural 3 yrs and have thought about chopping it because I do love twa, but I also love the versatility that I have with my afro now.

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