solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

So sorry for the late post, but as many of you already know the solar eclipse was yesterday. I go to SIUC, so school was canceled for the day because Carbondale, Illinois was the best place to be to see the totality of the eclipse. It was a cool experience for sure, so I thought I would upload some pictures for all to see and share.

This is the beginning of the day. It was a little bit of warfare going on because the day was rather cloudy out. At points during the eclipse, it was not visible because of the clouds covering the view. But I still got awesome pictures which I snagged from my friend, Kevin, who you will see in some pictures. We had all gathered in the parking lot of Leather World, a shop run by someone from our church. I had arrived around 12 so it had just begun.


As you can see, it included quite a bit of waiting around for something to really happen. It was super, super hot out but a good thing to experience. The tragic part of it all was that I wear glasses and you were not supposed to wear glasses in addition to the special eclipse glasses. Needless to say, I saw a mixture of about 6 blurry eclipses at once.

These were pictures taken by the lovely Kevin. This is what the sun looked like with the glasses on.

These are pictures that I took as the eclipse was happening.


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