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I have been meaning to do this review for about a week and yet again school has made me unbelievable busy. So what am I talking about? Well, I love all things natural hair and was wanting to start doing reviews on hair products. I decided to do a little research on how to go about starting reviews. I found that most people started out doing reviews by reviewing products that they already had. A lot of bloggers said to wait until you had a bigger subscriber base before you went out to ask companies to send you their products for free. I don’t listen very well.

Honestly, what is the harm in sending a quick email to see if a company will send you their products or not. You will never know until you get the courage to ask. So I sent one email to one of my favorite hair product companies not sure what to expect exactly. They answered my email the next day saying that they would send me FREE samples from each of their products. God is good all the time.

Hair Product Haul!!

It took about a week and a half to receive my package. I was still not sure what to expect. I love Taliah Waajid first off, but I have only used about 2 or 3 of their products. My favorite product by them that I love is their detangler, which they did send me a sample packet of. The picture shown above is everything that I received from them. But what products did I actually use?

I wasn’t sure starting out which products I wanted to use at first. But I did know that I wanted to use their detox shampoo and moisture masque. It had been about two weeks since I had washed my hair anyways. Also, I did not want to use any of their products before washing my hair so that I could see the real results of how their products worked.

Step 1- Shea-Coco Detox Shampoo

This shampoo was delightful. I was slightly skeptical at first because the shampoo was black and had a chemical smell to it. I had forgotten that there was charcoal in it to cleanse your scalp and remove impurities from your hair. Once I put the shampoo on my hair, it lathered up as any shampoo would. It wasn’t until I went to rinse it out that I could literally feel the dirt being washed away. My hair was lighter, very bouncy, and my curls did not shrink up as much as they usually do any other time I washed it. So this detox shampoo I really loved, I will definitely be using it every now and then to get that deep clean that my scalp desperately needs without causing dryness.

Step 2- Shea-Coco Moisture Madness Masque

I have never used a moisture masque. I repent, because my life has been changed. Following the directions exactly, I left the masque on my hair for about 30 minutes. I liked how thick and creamy it was, thicker than a normal hair conditioner. This masque made my curls pop very well. Usually my hair will shrink to over half its size within minutes of me rinsing my hair. But neither shampoo nor the masque caused severe shrinkage. There was minimal shrinkage and my hair was curly rather than kinky. I covered my hair in a plastic bag which I then wrapped up in one of my hair wraps so I could continue to do things around the house. After 30 minutes, I washed the masque out and my hair felt not only super clean but highly moisturized.

Step 3- Children’s Style & Shine/Curl Sealer

I wanted to use products that I had never used before, so in addition to the shampoo and hair mask, I chose to use the children’s style & shine and the curl sealer. I combed and detangled my hair and applied first the style & shine then the curl sealer on top, which I divided into 4 big flat twists. The sample sizes were small, but they were both more than enough to cover each twist and stay moisturized. I used the Style & Shine as a moisturizing cream and loved it. It didn’t flake in my hair and was very soft. It’s a children’s product but I would honestly buy this product to use over again. Don’t judge me. I used the curl sealer just to seal in the moisture and hold my twists.

mini two strand twists

At this point I still wasn’t sure how I was going to style my hair exactly. But I eventually decided to do mini two strand twists. This is my low maintenance protective style that I always go to because it keeps me from constantly having to style my hair. Natural hair is hard work. It took me about 3.5 hours to twist all of my hair. So how do I feel about these products? I loved them and will definitely buy the children’s Style & Shine. Side note, I have had my mini twists in for a week and they are starting to unravel a little. I would not blame that on the products I used. The products used were more for twist outs and things of that nature. Not to use as a style that you plan to uphold for a while.

Daily maintenance

I don’t do much to my twists other than spritz it with water/oil every so often. I will usually oil my scalp every other night as well with Black Jamaican Castor Oil. But I decided to continue to use the Taliah Waajid products. My samples include 2 packets of the protective style restoring serum. It is to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized while you have a protective style in. It felt very good on my scalp when I applied it. I have only opened one packet so far and have used it every other day. Before this, I would grease my scalp because this was the only way that my scalp did not become flaky, itchy, and dry. This product has become a great alternative to greasing my scalp. This product is probably my favorite out of all of them because I quite often use mini twists as a protective style.

Takeaway Message

Overall, I did love the products that I used. The restoring serum was my favorite and will probably become apart of my daily hair care regimen. I will take my twists down soon and try some of the other products that I received. Please share, like, and comment on products that you have used before and how it turned out. Thanks for tuning in once again, and God Bless:)

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