Who called me to become a blogger?

God or myself? What was my motivation to invest $100+ into a blog?

Originally? I believe I called myself to do so. At the end of the school year I had finished my job and was searching around for jobs as I am sadly considered an adult and have bills to pay. I applied to well over 200 companies and was hired at a few places. But problem after problem seemed to edge its way into my life. Too little pay, too many hours, too little hours, etc. The problems that were snagging my jobs away from me were endless. But then I found my dream job.
Quick backstory: I am a senior in college and my major is public health. So this job was working with a public organization that would push me to work as a recruiter and venture out into the world. The pay was great and it was a big opportunity to gain experience while also making contacts around my area. I had already had two years of experience working with and around children so I just knew I was going to get that call from them the next day.

The call never came and I was passed over for the job.

Not getting that job was the hardest because I had turned down two different job opportunities, both with much more work and less pay, to get this job because I was so sure God would give me the job. I mean I’m qualified for the job. I need the job. So God should have given me the job right? I became quite discouraged at this point. I felt that there was no hope and nothing else out there for me.

Why start a blog then.

I 100% cannot tell you as I still do not understand it completely just yet. I do not keep up with any blogs, but I have seen quite a few of them on Pinterest ( I love Pinterest dearly) and it seemed like a fun thing to do. So I took a leap randomly at first. I took that step before I could turn back. I paid the fees to start the blog, get my own domain, hosting, etc. But now what? What should I talk about? Umm, God. Duh. And that was my first post ever, My own acceptance of Christ. It went well, I was happy with sharing my testimony and people loved it. Great, but what else is there to talk about? I have learned that a blog is simply speaking on paper. I write what I feel is on my heart to talk about. Whether that be God or beauty recipes and college life. I like to speak on what is important in my life. With that being said, I do believe that God is the one who gave me the push to start this blog as He did last year at the All Nations Conference.

I learned how to monetize my blog, meaning that it contains ads or some other form of marketing so that I can make money on my blog. I have sold some of my body butters, which you can find on my previous post, Coming Soon: Body Butter. God gave me an outlet to speak and express myself, while also supporting myself. I have only had my blog for two weeks, but I love it. Is it added work for me at the moment, yes, but I will continue to pursue it until God says otherwise.

The overall message. Do not doubt God in anyway shape or form. From one of my previous post, I wrote that I was a micro-manager. Which I am. But I am not changing my ways by speaking that personal fault into existence. So now I am speaking into existence God’s will to change my ways and allow my blog to flourish. I do not know what God has in store for me at this point, but I know His will will be done whether I agree with it or not. Pray and have faith. It will always work out in the end.

God Bless:)


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